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#1 Keymessage of EPOurban

EPOurban helps to supply private residential owners with knowledge on: housing market trends, adapted use concepts, financing/funding possibilities, renovation procedures, state-of-art building equipment, marketing and management aspects and thereby counteracts the lack of resources and skills by private owners.

""ABOUT EPOurban" "

Rapid social and demographic change in Central European transformation cities exposes residential areas to an extreme pressure to adapt. As a consequence, most of the cities have some dysfunctional residential areas and are in urgent need of integrated development strategies. The deprived city areas are seldom interesting for large private investors and in­dividual owners do not possess capacities for action. A great lack is identified in sufficient informational, conceptual, financial capabilities for a convenient development of their prop­erty.

These obstacles aggravate as the location of a building is problematic (magistrals, inst­able neighborhoods) or as the ownership structures are complicated. Hence a market failure in the housing-market can be observed, which at the same time is an important bottleneck in the revitalisation process. The integration of private owners of residential buildings into the overall revitalisation strategies is therefore essential for urban development. The EPOur­ban Project will attempt to remove this bottleneck by the implementation of innovative meth­ods in combination with well-established instruments.

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